How we met

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Adam and I met on November 10th, 2012 at the wedding of our friends Preston and Emily Fry.  Emily and I were sorority sisters at KU and Adam and Preston were friends.  Emily and I had done a little late night internet probing a few weeks earlier at her Bachelorette party so I knew that a single guy named Adam would be at her wedding.  Adam knew of me because he claims Emily tried to introduce us several times, but I would never show up.  I am not sure I remember that J

Emily was set on making this meeting happen so she asked her friend Kerry to ensure we met at the reception.  Kerry walked up to Adam and said, “See that girl in the sparkly skirt over there?  You are going to go talk to her now!”  He did just that and we ended up talking the rest of the evening.

Adam asked for my phone number before he left that night and I was hoping that I would hear from him the next day but I did not. He was planning on waiting the standard three days before calling, but his sister in law Lindsey convinced him to call sooner.  I was so excited when I saw his name on my caller ID on Monday night.  We went on our first date the Wednesday after the wedding, November 14th, and I knew right away that it was something special!

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