The Wedding Party

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We are honored to have so many close friends and family in our lives.  We have known the members of our wedding party for more than 200 years combined.  Each of them mean the world to us and we are blessed to have these special people to help us celebrate our wedding day.


Matron of Honor:  Stefanie Smith

Stef and I met in first grade!  She helped me draw a heart for an art project we were working on.  Our moms actually became very good friends so Stef and I spent a lot of time together.  Some of our favorite childhood activities were swimming and planning weddings for neighbor kids.  Stef quickly became a part of our family and has always been like another sister.  When we moved to Iowa, Stef and I stayed in contact during the years through family trips to Iowa and Kansas City.  We re-kindled our friendship years later at KU.  Steph is always there for me with an unconditional friendship.  She is always encouraging me and our 24 year friendship is so special to me!  Stef lives in Kansas City with her husband Andy.

Maid of Honor:  Becky Drey

Becky is my younger sister.  She has always been there to have kool-aid stands, put on carnivals for the neighbors, go to Chuck-e-cheese, put on plays and any other crazy ideas we may have come up with!  Growing up, she was always there for me.  Becky has an amazing way of always making people around her feel comfortable.  She is also one of the best interior decorators I know!  She is very patient which comes in handy with her career as a teacher.  Becky moved to Kansas City about two years ago from Minneapolis.  It has been wonderful having her close again.


Michael (Best man), Joel (Groomsman) and Adam (Groom)

Michael (Best man), Joel (Groomsman) and Adam (Groom)

Best Man:  Michael Pickett

Michael is my older brother.  As kids, as most older brothers do, he definitely liked to pick on me, but as we grew up, we became great friends.  We played in the neighborhood together, went to high school and played sports together, joined the same fraternity at Mizzou and now both live in Kansas City.  Michael is married to Lindsey and they have a daughter, Grace.

 Groomsman:  Joel Pickett

Joel is my oldest brother.  He loves to fish.  After college and before moving to Kansas City, I lived in Springfield, Joel and I would go fishing almost every Sunday.  I miss the weekly frequency but continue to look forward to what fishing trips we can fit into our schedules.  We got a new boat last summer and have enjoyed getting out on the lake together.  Joel and his wife, Cherrie, live in Springfield.

Bridesmaid:  Callie Knoll

Cal and I met 12 years ago during our first few days as freshman at KU.  We became quick friends when we both joined Alpha Chi and were inseparable after that.  We lived together for the next four years.  I cannot imagine college without Callie.  She was my family in Lawrence and is the best friend anyone could ask for.  We have so many silly memories together that I will always cherish.  She is, without a doubt, one of the kindest people I know and I am so lucky to be her friend.  Callie lives in New York City and works as an architect.  She is quite the jet-setter, travelling all over the world to build buildings and for fun!


Adam (Groom), Brian (Groomsman)

Adam (Groom), Brian (Groomsman)

 Groomsman:  Brian Parker

Parker was my first roommate in college at the Phi Delta Theta house.  We got our first apartment together in Kansas City when we both moved here after college.  Neither of us knowing the city yet, and refusing to live in kansas, our apartment was in Lee’s Summit.  Still being in our early to mid twenties, this led to many very expensive cab rides home from the various bar districts in Kansas City.  Brian still lives in Kansas City with his wife Kelli, Katie and I really enjoy hanging out with them.

Bridesmaid:  Stephanie Emert

Steph and I met at KU when we both joined the same sorority.  We became the best of friends when we lived together our sophomore year in a room so small the four of us living in there could just barely sit on the floor together.  Steph is goofy, smart, kind and one of the best listeners I have ever met.  I don’t know how many hours we have spent talking over the last 12 years!  She has listened to ALL my ups and downs and probably listened to all the stories more than once even!  Steph lives in Kansas City with her husband Brett and their daughter Sloan.

Groomsman:  Brandon Kralicek

I have known Brandon since kindergarten.  We went to grade school and high school together.  Growing up we worked almost every job together, from delivering phone books to flipping burgers at Fuddruckers and working at the Ozark Mountain Ducks in between.  Brandon and I have seen dozens of bands together and continue to.  He currently lives in Springfield and travels up to Kansas City every few months so we can go to concerts.

Bridesmaid:  Jenna Frederickson

Jenna and I met at KPMG, our first job out of college.  We ended up living together a couple of years later and became very close friends.  Jenna will always try new things with me.  We trained together and completed a half marathon and now she is helping me get in shape for November 15!  She helps me push myself to be better.  Jenna is very kind-hearted, intelligent and always has the best advice over our long walks.  She lives just a few blocks away in Prairie Village and is an accountant as well!

Groomsman:  Freddy Partenheimer

Freddy and I went to grade school and high school together.  We became close friends in high school when we played football together.  I will always remember hanging out on Friday nights after football games.  Today Freddy lives in Springfield, Missouri, Katie and I always enjoy when he makes it to Kansas City for a Royals Game.

Grace (Flower Girl)

Grace (Flower Girl)

Flower Girl:  Grace Pickett

Grace is our first niece!  Her uncle Adam and I absolutely adore her.  She loves the hokey-pokey, seahorses, twirling, standing on one leg and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”  At the reception you will be able to find her on the dance floor!

 Flower Girl:  Sloan Emert

Sloan is Steph (Bridesmaid) and her husband Brett’s daughter.  She has been very special to me since the day she was born!  When her mom shows her a picture of me, she says “That’s my friend, Katie.”  That story melts my heart!!  Sloan started preschool and dance lessons and loves to talk about all of her friends.  She loves stickers, movies and singing!

 Usher:  Ryan Drey

Ryan is Katie’s younger brother.  He and his wife Megan got married last summer.  I hope our wedding party bus lives up to theirs!  Megan and Ryan live in Cedar Falls, Iowa and just recently bought their first house.

Usher:  Andy Drey

Andy is Katie’s youngest brother.  Since I met him, he has been finding ways to ask me when I planned on marrying his sister.  I am glad he finally has his answer now!  Andy just finished his sophomore year at the University of Northern Iowa.  He enjoys fishing and being 21.

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    The Wedding Party

    We are honored to have so many close friends and family in our lives.  We have known the members of our wedding party for more than 200 years combined.  Each of them mean the world to us and we are blessed to have these special people to help us celebrate our wedding day.   Matron […]

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